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For the future information-communication society

     Our laboratory welcomes you as an international student who carries out researches with us. Our research fields include power electronics circuits, wireless communications, the Internet, and the Internet of Things technologies, etc.
Please see the latest research achievements on the Publication site.
Required conditions:
     Our laboratory welcomes highly motivated students to join the master and Ph.D. programs at Chiba Univesity.

Master Students
     Special knowledge of our research fields is NOT required for joining our laboratory. However, you should have fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, as well as basic programming techniques. Usually, the C language or/and MATLAB are used in our laboratory. Python, Java, and C++ languages are also acceptable.

Ph.D. Students
     You should have experience in doing researches. Moreover, you are expected to have a solid background in mathematics, good programming skills, and a commitment toward a long-term Ph.D.
     You can discuss researches in English. It is, however, strongly recommended that you learn and speak Japanese to make good friendships with Japanese students, as well as to be more enjoyable in life.
How to join our laboratory?
Important Notices:
1. If you have an interest in our laboratory, you should contact us at least one month before the deadline of Chiba University. Please send us the pre-application documents, which generally include a CV, English and /or Japanese certificates, your best publication (if you have published).
2. The entrance exam for the master course is normally in the summer. If the students don't stay in Japan, it is hard to take the exam, mostly because of the VISA issue. Therefore, we recommend that they will be with the laboratory as a research student for half (from April) and one year (from October). Basically, the foreign students join the master course from October every year.

Master and Ph.D. students
     You need to pass the entrance examination of the Applied and Cognitive Informatics Department, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chiba University. Please refer to the below here for more details about admission schedules.

Our laboratory also invites the applicant from the Masters Program for Japanese Government/MEXT Scholarship International Students Special Selection.

Graduate Admissions

Note: Foreign students, who want to join the Ph.D. program, are encouraged to apply for scholarships (e.g., MEXT, JDS, etc.). The Jasso portal is very useful.

Jasso portal

Research Students / Specialized Students
     You can join the laboratory as a research student/specialized student. Each year there are two application periods (middle of November, May for Spring, Autumn semester, respectively). The requirements for the admission process can be found on here.

If you are interested in our laboratory, please contact to
Hiroo Sekiya, Ph. D
Address: 1-33, Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba, 263-8522 JAPAN
Phone: +81-43-290-3258
Fax: +81-43-290-3269
E-mail: sekiya(at)

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